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tv   KCCI 8 News This Morning  Me-TV  December 19, 2015 5:00am-6:00am CST

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turned himself in to authorities yesterday. records. how some fans are celebrating the film's release. good morning, everyone, thanks so much for joining us on kcci 8 news this morning weekends. it is just after 5:00 a.m. on december 19, off to quite the morning. let's check in with frank. frank: temperatures out there really chilly, in the teens across the state. any factor in the land, it feels even colder. mason city this hour in the single digits for temperatures, 15 in ottumwa. when you factor in that wind, it feels like below zero off to the north. in town, seven degrees. as we head throughout the day today, we are going to start to warm up throughout the morning hours but it will be a chilly
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the wind chill at 9:00 a.m., 15 degrees, air temperature 20. a mostly sunny day, 3:00 temperature 39. ryan: thank you, frank. if you're among the 90% of people with holiday shopping left to do, you'll be battling big crowds at the stores today. experts tell us today is the biggest shopping day of the year. shoppers we talked to say they haven't even started buying gifts. but, there are some perks to procrastinating. jordan creek town center officials tell kcci stores often slash prices as it gets closer to christmas. >> traffic is going to be busy no matter where you go, so be patient with each other, be patient with the retailers because they're busy. they're just trying to keep up as well and be positive and joyful this holiday season. ryan: despite online shopping increasing in popularity, jordan creek officials say its stores
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year compared to last. a big development friday in the brandon ellingson case. the missouri state trooper who arrested the clive man is now facing and voluntary manslaughter charges. trooper anthony piercy is off the job without pay. he turned himself in to a mid-missouri county jail friday, 18 months after that deadly day on the lake of the ozarks. is this the day you've been waiting for? >> it's the part of the journey. ryan: a journey craig ellingson says has taken far too long. 18 months after his son drowned on the lake of the ozarks, the trooper charged with involuntary manslaughter. >> based on what he did to my son, and his wreckless abandonment and gross negligence, and what he did to brandon obviously shows what kind of human being he was. ryan: anthony piercy admits he put the wrong lifejacket on brandon, who went overboard, handcuffed. while a missouri jury ruled brandon's death accidental, his family continued to push for criminal charges.
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he knows that we're doing justice for him, and he's happy about that. ryan: special prosecutor william seay spent 2015 reviewing new evidence in the case. >> i reviewed in its entirety, boxes and boxes of reports, records with regard to mr. piercy's training and expertise , and everything that was done in the investigation. ryan: the missouri highway patrol placed piercy on leave without pay. will you sleep better tonight knowing that trooper piercy is off the road and in custody? >> yes, i believe the public will be much safer with him not on the road. ryan: he did post bond yesterday and the day for his first court appearance is pending. ames police are still looking for the driver involved in a fatal hit and run crash. iowa state university freshman, emmalee jacobs, was hit and killed monday morning while walking on campus.
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driver. they've put one on each side of the intersection at lincoln way and ash avenue where it happened. they have narrowed down the timeline through surveillance video. they say jacobs left her dorm just after 7:00 a.m. an officer found her lying in the street just four minutes later. police are also asking area auto body shops, auto glass repair shops, and insurance companies, to let them know about any suspicious claims. 37 states and 2 u.s. territories. that's where investigators are now looking into possible tampering by convicted lottery cheat eddie tipton. tipton is currently accused of rigging jackpots in colorado, wisconsin and oklahoma. in july, he was convicted of fraud after buying a multi million dollar winning ticket in des moines back in 2010. tipton is the former security director of the iowa-based
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the iowa department of cultural affairs is asking for to $65 million renovate the state historical building. the roof is leaking warping the , wood floor, and granite slabs are even falling off the building's exterior. the 28-year-old facility in downtown des moines houses thousands of historic iowa artifacts. >> it is really important that we have a safe environment that's dry and has the right humidity and environmental controls to be able to preserve those items. ryan: the building originally cost $26 million to construct in the 1980's. a member of "the lion king" musical and a waukee resident are both suing des moines over the automated speed cameras along interstate 235. both claim the tickets violate their equal protection rights because not every vehicle the cameras catch speeding gets a ticket. and that the iowa dot ordered the cameras shut down in march .
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des moines is appealing the dot's decision. a processing error delays checks to thousands of kum and go employees friday. a spokeswoman says paychecks mistakenly weren't issued yesterday to all of the company's roughly 4800 employees. she says the gas and convenience store chain will direct deposit paycheck into bank accounts on monday. kum and go is working to figure out what caused the error. 5:06, where your weather is never more than five minutes away. frank: clear skies for your wake up and you know what that translate to, is cooler temperatures. we lose that radiation cooling. there is there is clear skies. lake effect snow in green bay wisconsin. it is on the eastern side of the lake and you can see clear skies back to the west. that is going to translate to a
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nine degrees in minneapolis, bismarck at four degrees. 30 degrees in st. louis. a great photo, taken last week of some fog in downtown des moines. sunshine today, less windy than yesterday, temperatures near 40. look at tomorrow, back near 50 degrees, maybe some sprinkles in the afternoon. christmas day is on its way he will let you know if any store -- snow is in the forecast. ryan: record breaking open for "star wars, the force awakens." the movie made an estimated $57 million from thursday night's opening show. that's more than the previous thursday night record. we've seen a lot of costumed fans the past couple of days showing up to see the latest , "star wars" movie.
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from indianola is bringing to the party his own replica of , r2d2. jason cross owns his own software company in indianola and three years ago he joined an , online world-wide r2d2 builders club . hundreds of people who build their own r2 droids in a collaborative effort. it draws quite a crowd when he takes it out in public. >> my daughter last year went as princess leia for halloween, she had the best accessory for a halloween costume ever. ryan: it runs on remote control and weighs approximately 150 pounds. he says it's only a few millimeters off from the dimensions of the original in the movie. debate night. where you can see tonight's democratic presidential showdown. plus, bernie sanders sues.
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>> this is iowa's news leader. this is "kcci 8 news this morning weekends," with alyx sacks and meteorologist metinka slater. frank: good saturday morning, welcome back, 5:12.
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as you do go out this morning, you arargoing to need a jacket. 14 in ankeny, 12 in iowa falls and algona. it is just freezing outside. actually, well below freezing so as you head out to grab the morning paper, they sure you bundle up. we are five degrees colder from 24 hours ago in des moines. a little bit of a cool down as we have clear skies waking up. we lost the heating of the day. we are headed for 39 degrees here in des moines, 34 in fort dodge. we just have to get through this cool morning. 8 day forecast, temperatures back in the 40's. ryan: in your commitment 2016 news this morning, all three democratic presidential candidates are gearing up for their third debate. they'll take the stage in new hampshire tonight. it starts at 7:00 central time
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it's sure to be an interesting debate after senator bernie sanders' campaign is suing the democratic national committee. they want the dnc to reinstate its access to a voter database. weijia jiang has more. weijia: bernie sanders' campaign filed the lawsuit in federal court late friday afternoon, hours after the democratic national committee suspended access to its shared voter data base. >> we need our data, which has been stolen by the dnc. weijia: the dnc blocked the sanders' camp access after a 45 minute computer glitch, on wednesday, allowed workers to view information gathered by the clinton campaign. sanders' fired data director josh uretsky. who he insists he wasn't trying to snoop. >> my goal was to create a record of what was wrong so that i could accurately assess both for the campaign and for the dnc what my understanding was of what was wrong. weijia: but the dnc says at least four sanders users not
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10 states, but saved and exported some clinton data. >> people make mistakes leaving their front door unlocked also. it doesn't mean it's ok to go into their house and steal their stuff. weijia: sanders learned of the breach more than 24 hours after it happened. not from his own staffers -- >> he found out for me. weijia: what was his reaction? weijia: >> he was stunned. weijia: the sanders camp can't even access its own files on the dnc database, it says that will cripple its campaign, and cost it more than $600,000 a day in weijia jiang, cbs news, manchester, new hampshire. ryan: senator sanders is campaigning through the hawkeye state through christmas next week. he has several stops planned in western iowa monday, tuesday and wednesday. we're less than two months away from the february 1 iowa caucuses. the iowa democratic party is getting information out to its hundreds of precincts. friday, they delivered information packets.
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candidates. they been working hard and we're just looking forward to having a successful evening and get our democrats out talking about the issues. ryan: the iowa republican party announced earlier this month its nearly 1700 caucus locations are locked down. frank: time now, 5:15, and we are waking up to clear skies out there. for the most of the day yesterday, we had clear skies. a super sunset down in indianola from and in -- megan wagner. she sent it in on my facebook page. we would love to see your photos. temperatures out there waking up, if you could take a picture how cold it was i do not think it would be a very good picture because it is chilly.
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if you factor in the wind, it feels like nine in des moines. it feels like only four degrees in carroll. a nice airport skycam shot, look at the runway lights. pressure on the high side. that is going to translate to a very nice day, a little cool this morning. we make it up to 39 by 3:00. average this time of year is 33 degrees so another above average day temperature-wise. we might build in a few clouds as we head throughout the evening hours. we have the area of high pressure above us, sinking air, suppressing cloud development. we have a system out to the west we are going to have to keep an eye on. it will lift through the state is a warm front as we head throughout the day tomorrow, and that will translate to warmer
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warm front starts to lift off to the north. it is going to me warmer conditions. maybe some more clouds tomorrow, cannot rule out and isolated shower. a clear day today, plenty of sunshine. get outside and enjoy that, just make sure you bundle up. as we head into sunday, i think we will see more clouds, some fog starting to build in with those warmer temperatures. could even see some sprinkles, it especially by the evening as the system pulls through. 39 degrees, less windy than yesterday. tonight, 34. we are going to build in more cloud cover and the wind will be out of the south so that will mean temperatures that are just a little warmer tonight. christmas is on its way and it does not look like a white one this year.
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want that, but i am going to give you warm temperatures instead.
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>> welcome back. saturday, the big for classic will bring fan bases to wells fargo arena but last night, the
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the energy hosting okc. early on, that is andrew harrison, the big-time prospect out of kentucky. it is good. back comes okc. passing to the big man with a nice finish. later on, harrison, this time going to dish it off for the easy two handed flush. 1 --- 116-107. then the work really began over at wells fargo arena. fans expected from all across the state will be at the big for classic. it is a huge deal for everyone across the state, but especially the iowans competing on the floor. stepping out on the wells fargo arena floor since the first time he played as a senior in high school.
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fargo. i kind of got a bad taste in my mouth so i'm excited to go back and redo myself. >> i did not really know what to expect but coming out in year two it is really exciting. it is pretty special. >> drake and iowa start things off this afternoon, uni and isu finish things off at the well tonight. iowa facing a panther team that has lost two of its past three. they took down number one ranked usc last month so steve prohm can see some problems. >> great program, program that's about winning, about doing things the right way. a terrific culture they have their. mcdermott did a great job and jacobs has taken over and done a
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a terrific program, a lot of respect for them. >> this stage is set. it should be a fun one this afternoon. drake and iowa at 3:30 on espn three. iowa state taking on uni panthers at x :00 p.m. january through march is usually the bulk of the boys prep high school basketball games but teams across the area are already matching up. an ugly sweater party at johnston high school. early on, proctor making something out of nothing. what a finish against those valley tigers. valley, undefeated and for good reason. drains a three from the corner. the floater, a great touch. 67-48.
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pasadena, california but like the hawks have been saying all season long, it is all about business. here is iowa gearing up for the rose bowl game against stanford. they had some time off to finish up with school finals but now it is about getting back to those details. >> it is a good opportunity to get out there on the field as a team and correct your mistakes from previous weeks in the season. it is a good opportunity for us to come back and prepare for the team we have next. >> we are getting there now, only a few weeks away.
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the bucs taking on please help. the present is kind of a scary place. i have no money, no job, no clothes. i feel completely helpless.
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like i'll have hair, and friends, and books and music.
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>> the most watched morning news in central iowa. this is iowa's news leader. this is "kcci 8 news this morning weekends." ryan: right now at 5:30, presidential press conference. what the president has to say about defeating isis during his end of the year address.
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frank in. it is simply uncomfortable. frank: it is just a little chilly outside. this morning, we are in the teens. some parts of the state are in single digits and when you add in the wind, it feels like below zero in some parts of the state. 16 is the temperature in des moines, the further north you go, the colder it gets. factoring in a little bit of wind, it feels like nine in the metro, seven in ames. these are dangerously cold temperatures. it has not been this cold around here for just a little while. there is your day planner, it will be a chilly morning. by the noontime hour, we are in the low 30's and this afternoon,
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ryan: president obama wraps up business at the white house before leaving for vacation with a wide ranging q&a. this year, the isis-inspired mass shooting in san bernardino was one of the major topics of the president's year end press conference. craig boswell reports from the white house. craig: in his final scheduled press conference of the year president obama said he will be anything but a lame duck in his final year in office. president obama: in 2016, i'm going to leave it out all on the field. greg: -- craig he defended his : administration's strategy against isis saying the terror group will be defeated. >> we're going to do so by systematically squeezing them, cutting off their supply lines, cutting off their financing, taking out their leadership, taking out their forces, taking
5:28 am
craig: but even the president admits isis-inspired lone wolf attacks like the one in san bernardino that killed 14 people are tougher to detect. >> we're going to have to recognize that no government is going to have the capacity to read every single persons texts or emails or social media. craig: president obama tried to reassure anxious americans that intelligence agencies are on the job and there are no credible threats. but he says americans will need to remain vigilant. the president says he is not giving up on closing the detainee facility at guantanamo bay, something he calls a terrorist recruitment tool. he thanked congress for passing a trillion dollar spending bill to keep the government funded for much of 2016 and promised to work with lawmakers on criminal justice reform. craig boswell, cbs news, the white house. ryan: president obama heads to hawaii friday night to start his christmas vacation. $1.1 trillion, president obama signed the bill that will boost spending for defense and non-defense programs next year. republican leaders and the white house say the deal is the best they could do under divided government.
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for planned parenthood. dramatic new video this morning to show you of a suspect shooting at the florida deputy who pulled him over. that deputy is in stable condition. let's take a look. >> what's the problem? >> put your hands on the hood . >> put your hands on the hood. ryan: again, that deputy is in stable condition this morning. it happened at a traffic stop in gifford, florida. the man on the scooter, pulled over because he didn't have a tag. the deputy was hit in the leg and foot. he was able to get to his feet and fire back at the suspect during a frantic foot chase. a police canine later found the suspect. officials say the suspect was recently released from prison after serving 21 years for attempted murder. in omaha a police officer is
5:30 am
student. officials say it started with an argument between students in the hallway. then there was some pushing and suddenly a tackle. here is the video. school security guards were struggling to break up the fight. so that school resource officer rushed in. the student says canigla punched him at least four times. video shows the officer struck him twice. >> he's engaged here in a long crazy brawl with lots of people , around and he's struck on the head and he responded under the guidelines of our policy. ryan: that school resource officer has worked at the school since 2011. he is now on leave during the investigation. right now police are searching , for the driver of this van in houston, texas. a concerned neighbor captured this video. you can see the van is going about 10 miles per hour, very slowly, with children on top of it. people think the driver was trying to give the kids a better view of christmas lights.
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charges. >> i think he's smiling down and he knows that we're doing justice for him and he's happy about that. ryan: craig ellingson is relieved this morning now that missouri statetrooper anthony piercy now faces a criminal charge in the death of his son , brandon. the clive man drowned in piercy's custody on may 2014 on the lake of the ozarks. a special prosecutor reviewing new information in the case this year and is now charging the trooper with involuntary manslaughter. piercy turned himself in to a missouri county jail yesterday and bonded out. no date has been set for his initial court appearance. it has been four days since 18-year-old emmalee jacobs was killed in a hit and run in ames. police are still looking for the driver involved. and are using a new tactic to get information. ames police are turning to message boards for help in the fatal crash. one on each side of the intersection where emmalee
5:32 am
traffic traveling eastbound and westbound on lin. -- on lincoln way. kim: as the memorial for emmalee jacobs grows, so do the hours with no answers. ames police hope message boards will bring new hope to the case. police say jacobs was walking to campus just after 7:00 monday morning when she was hit at lincoln way and ash avenue. the driver took off right before an iowa state university police officer pulled up to the intersection. police say jacobs was living at buchanan hall at the time. through surveillance video, police say they know jacobs left buchanan hall just after 7:00, and an officer found her lying in the street at 7:04. police say autopsy results confirm she was struck by a vehicle, but they still don't know what type of car. >> we're hoping that there are people that travel that corridor every morning at that time that see the message boards that , maybe haven't heard about the story at this point.
5:33 am
ryan: so far, the only surveillance video police have is from a few blocks away on lincoln way. police are asking auto body shops, auto glass repair shops and insurance companies in and outside of town to report suspicious claims. a jackpot-fixing investigation is expanding to more state lotteries. authorities want to know if former multi-state lottery association director eddie tipton rigged jackpots in more games. they're looking at lotteries in 37 other states or territories. tipton was convicted of fraud after prosecutors say he used lottery computers to rig a 2010 drawing. he's also accused of rigging jackpots in colorado, wisconsin , and oklahoma. it is 5:35 this morning. frank: good morning. we have clear skies and that is making for a chilly start around much of the midwest, not just here in iowa. we have high pressure in control
5:34 am
if you want snow, you have to go to the west. you just watch this loop over the past six hours, that snow not going much in the way of anywhere. starting to add up in sections of michigan. 16 in des moines, nine in minneapolis. bismarck, four degrees above zero. three-day forecast, temperatures by the afternoon today will not be bad. more clouds tomorrow, could see some sprinkles in the afternoon, but look at that temperature, 48 degrees on monday. eight day forecast takes you through the holiday. ryan: the clock is ticking for holiday shoppers. more than 90% of americans still have some gifts to buy. kim st. onge has more on the busiest shopping day of the year. kim: only 146 hours until christmas, means a mad dash at
5:35 am
>> i'm a procrastinator. kim: paige stephenson is trying to beat the big crowds expected saturday. experts say it's the busiest shopping day of the year. yep, bigger than black friday. >> this is just for myself. i still have my 5-year-old to shop for. >> a for effort. >> i have, how long do i have? a week. another week. kim: jordan creek mall officials say online shopping hasn't had a big impact. most stores there seeing betters sales this year than last. >> kids are home from college so families are out here, people are getting their last minute shopping done so it's pretty crazy. >> i wait until the day before christmas to do that. kim: is one of them. the self-described procrastinator bought himself an outfit for an ugly christmas sweater party. so, he too, will be back. while these shoppers will battle crowds at the mall this weekend,
5:36 am
morgan right -- >> i'm about to travel to ecuador to go see my husband. kim: are heading out of town for the holidays. des moines airport officials say this is a busy travel weekend, but lines shouldn't be too long. still, they recommend arriving an hour and a half ahead of your flight. that is no problem for morgan, who has been waiting 10 months see her husband. >> we haven't seen each other for awhile and we're just so excited to be reunited.
5:37 am
, haven' ryan: the weather around the nation this morning, check out this video from western new york. some areas of the states may see up to eight inches this morning with more on the way. , cool air over warm lakes brought this first round of lake effect snow. areas around buffalo can expect to see three to six more inches of snow today. and this video of damage after a landslide in oregon. officials they are telling us the landslide pushed dirt, trees, and other debris into a residence, killing a woman and a dog. debris caused substantial . officials say there's a chance they may lose more of the hill. crews are trying to locate where the water stream is coming from that's causing the slide to prevent the rest of the hill from collapsing. 5:42 this morning.
5:38 am
i'm doing my best to cover up these temperatures. i do not know if you really want to see them. des moines, 16 degrees, 15 in ottumwa. fort dodge right now, 10 degrees, 11 in marshalltown. mason city, 10 degrees colder than just 24 hours ago. because we have clear skies and high pressure in control, we lose the heating of the day and that transfers into cold mornings. if you look at your high temperatures the week ahead, today is 39, tomorrow, 48. monday we dip a little bit, but this is not a wild roller coaster. 45 tuesday, and look at friday, 45 degrees. ryan: more iowans have jobs as we begin to close out 2015.
5:39 am
fallen to 3.4%. that's down from 3.5% in october, and almost a full point lower than it was one year ago. the highest job growth comes in the areas of construction, education, and health, followed by the leisure and hospitality industries. despite those numbers, kcci has learned one of the biggest employers in the metro is cutting jobs the week before christmas. kcci's cynthia fodor has details from dupont pioneer in johnston. cynthia: i'm told the plan to build this new lab will move forward but the plan to create hundreds of new jobs here will not. with farm income declining, dupont pioneer is tightening its belt. the company announced a $700 million restructuring plan but declined to comment on camera. the process will impact 10% of the global workforce, a spokesperson in johnson told me
5:40 am
numbers per department." pioneer employs about 3400 iowans, most in the des moines metro. one source tells us 18 in one department were let go early this week. the johnston mayor remains optimistic. >> pioneer has been in our community for 100 years. it has grown through time. i'm convinced they will weather this storm as they have in past. cynthia: today, the iowa department of economic development terminated 3 contracts, meaning pioneer is giving up $13 million in state tax credits and is pulling the plug on plans to create 350 new jobs. the company recently invested $38 million to expand research facilities here. now it faces a merger with dow chemical. >> whoever they merge with is going to see the value in the assets they have and employees there. cynthia: how this will all impact pioneer in the future remains to be seen and will depend on the changing conditions in the agricultural market.
5:41 am
8 news, iowa's news leader. ryan: as cynthia mentioned, dupont pioneer announced friday a possible merger with dow chemical. a research firm found dupont and dow chemical combined would command about 25% of the ag market. the merger will face intense scrutiny from regulators. the force has awakened. how fans, theaters, and retailers are taking part in the
5:42 am
wake up in your first home. wake up in a home you've made a bit bigger. wake up in a home with a new address. wake up in a home that doesn't even have an address. as your life evolves, your dream home evolves too, and protecting it takes committed support. at american family insurance we support your dreams. see how you can save with ring video doorbell at paris: there's a lot to do on a dairy farm. nobody's gonna do it for you. you have to get out there and do it yourself. bernie sanders is a well-known friend of family farms. bernie cannot be bought out by big money. bernie's opinion cannot be purchased. it's time for our next president to get in there, roll up his sleeves, take off the gloves, and take on wall street, take on big business, take on big money, and get the working class back to where they should be. he's a rock.
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>> weather is never more than 5 minutes away, only on "kcci 8 news this morning." frank: 5:48 on your saturday, december 19. yesterday was grandpa's birthday and we celebrated in style. we went out to eat. grandpa is 70-something. happy birthday to you, grandpa. i know you like to take a walk down ingersoll and grand. you are going to need to bundle up this morning. 16 your wake-up temperature in des moines, 12 in carroll and audubon. look with the wind does to our feels like temperature, feels like one degree in clarion. nine degrees here in des moines. make sure you layer up this
5:44 am
winds placed out of the west, southwest at five. they will not be as gusty as they were yesterday. we make it up into the upper 30's today by about 3:00 or so. temperatures kind of level out as we head throughout the evening hours and rise throughout the overnight hours into tomorrow. it will not be that cool of a night. we have high pressure in control and as the system slides to the south and east, it will be giving us a return flow, helping to pump our temperature up a little bit on sunday. one front lifts through the state. that will mean a warmer day on sunday but i do think we will see a few clouds as the system starts to bring in some moisture , maybe even a few sprinkles.
5:45 am
tomorrow, a few degrees warmer but we will drag in a few clouds. although we will be warmer tomorrow, not as nice a day in terms of the skies. we will build in some fog, clouds, and isolated showers. less windy than yesterday, wind out of the south at five to 15. temperatures rise throughout the overnight hours. sunday, 48 degrees. monday, 40. tuesday, 45. wednesday will be our next best chance of rain. right now it does not look like a white christmas, temperatures instead on the mild side. ryan: i am not complaining. frank: may neither. you never know what you will get in iowa this time of year. ryan: so it's obvious "star wars" isn't just a movie, it's a phenomenon.
5:46 am
there are "star wars" fans who get dressed up and then there are fans who spend three years of their lives building their own droid. >> there's no words to describe how wonderful it was. mark: it sounds like a religious experience. >> the action, the force. mark: for some, the "star wars" franchise has been a lifelong experience. matt curtis saw the first star wars when he was 6-weeks-old. >> i think i was in a car seat tucked underneath the seats, but i was actually there. mark: but for all the spectacle surrouding the latest installment -- >> i will finish what you started. mark: no costumed fanatic in the lobby at flix brewhouse, could compare. >> it's amazing, absolutely amazing. mark: to this. >> and the guy who made it made it handmade i've seen one made out of legos but not like a real one that can move around. mark: as soon as this robot
5:47 am
, whipped out. >> that takes some skill and craftsmanship. >> i originally planned on a more modest build but i'm somewhat of a perfectionist. mark: jason cross started building his r2d2 three years ago. >> what's it like to be done? a relief. i think my wife was as relieved as anyone. mark: the owner of a indianola software development company joined an online r2d2 builders club an online robotics forum with members around the world all building their own version of the droid spending a lot of time and money. >> i couldn't tell you the exact amount. i don't know if i want to know. mark: but of course on nights like this, it is worth every hour and penny watching kids and their adults react. >> it doesn't really interest me to dress up for a part but this is something that's kind of in that community but different as well, and kind of in my wheelhouse of electronics and building and having fun that way.
5:48 am
perfectionist and the detail is incredible. jason says it's just a few millimeters off from the original in the movie. theaters aren't the only ones cashing in on the big star wars premiere. also means big business for retailers all over the planet. if you haven't noticed star wars merchandise is not just popping up at toy stores but on more and more unconventional things as well. >> i came across campbell's soup that was branded with a star wars character. i came across a pottery barn bed that was selling for $4000 that looked like the millennium falcon. ryan: shoe designers, even crest toothpaste, are also taking advantage of "star wars" mania. there is no shortage of toys either. toys r us says the sci-fi franchise has produced some of its hottest items for the past 40 years. and another star wars item up for grabs right now in england. andrew ainsworth designed and built the original stormtrooper helmet back in while the first 1976 star wars movie was being filmed in the u.k. he kept the molds and later started making helmets from
5:49 am
now he's selling them. but you can't buy them in the u.s. star wars creator george lucas sued ainsworth in 2008 for copyright infringement. ainsworth settled agreeing not to sell the helmets in the u.s. kcci 8 news time right now, 5:54 this morning. a live look at the dot cam at i-235 and keo way.
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t there. it's a highly contagious disease. it can be especially serious- even fatal to infants. unfortunately, many people who spread it may not know they have it. it's called whooping cough. and the cdc recommends everyone, including those around babies, make sure their whooping cough vaccination is up to date. understand the danger your new grandchild faces. talk to your doctor or pharmacist about you and your
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i get out of work and i go to the store, and somebody's, smellin' around, "mmm! i smell cookies." i say, "oh no, you just smell me. i just got out of work. that's honey bunches of oats, that's all."
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ryan: if you're among the 90% of people with holiday shopping left to do, you'll be battling big crowds at the stores today. experts say today is the biggest shopping day of the year. shoppers we talked to say they haven't even started buying gifts. i am included. but, there are some perks to procrastinating. jordan creek town center officials tell kcci stores often slash prices as it gets closer to christmas. missouri state trooper anthony piercy now faces a criminal charge in the death of his son, brandon. the clive man drowned in piercy's custody on may 2014 on the lake of the ozarks. a special prosecutor reviewed
5:53 am
year and is now charging the trooper with involuntary manslaughter. piercy turned himself in to a missouri county jail friday and bonded out shortly after. no date has been set for his initial court appearance. ames police are still looking for the driver involved in a deadly hit-and-run crash. iowa state university freshman, emmalee jacobs, was hit and killed monday morning while walking on campus. police are now turning to message boards to find the driver. they've put one on each side of the intersection at lincoln way and ash avenue where it happened. police are also asking area auto body shops, auto glass repair shops, and insurance companies, to let them know about any suspicious claims. then back here at 8:00 this morning, it is time to get cooking. chef andrew from hy-vee will be here to show us some more holiday treats. plus, we will be discussing the
5:54 am
and, our hy-vee dietician will be here to show us more advice on staying healthy during the holidays. that's all coming up right here on "kcci 8 news this morning weekends" at 8:00 a.m. frank: no snow, but a little bit chilly out there this morning. for the folks who want to get an early start, they will need to bundle up. by this afternoon, 39 degrees and less windy than yesterday. 34, the low tonight. the south wind will be making for nice temperatures, 48 on sunday.
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